Our only crime is being original

So, whats up with Hideout? You still pour with them?


They're competing with the sun for the centre of the universe. 


As promised i'm gonna try and sell you some shit.


We’ve got another belter from River Coffee Roasters. A single origin coffee from Nicaragua, a mix of apple and berry acidity. Caramel mouthfeel. (You can buy it here) I make mine on Aeropress. Get the guys in Hideout to grind it for me cause i’m lazy AF. Smashed a bag on my day off watching Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The label is a homage to Dogtown, i'm sure all the skate dads already knew that though. Or at least they googled it whilst trying on their old ES chunky boys. Walking around the house whilst the kids are entertained in the bath, before putting them back in the box again. 



Film recommendation: Lords of Dogtown if you wanna see Heath Ledger being an absolute vibe and shredding swimming pools in Santa Monica.

Also gonna recommend Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas if you didn’t get last weeks reference. Also look up Hunter S. Thompsons daily routine HERE. He was like a reverse Bruce Lee. His body had so much poison in it that should he ever decide so take a day off from all of the drugs, his body would just give up.


Next time ill give you guys my Aeropress method so you can immediately discard it and DM Hideout Coffee Co. insta for it daily.


Here are some far more carefully curated pictures of Hideout antics because apparently people noticed the bin.


Also got a playlist for that summer reggaton, dub ting for the back to school, assuming you weren’t dropping mandy and watching royal blood or Posty last weekend. 

In the immortal words of Lee Scratch Perry, I am the upsetter. 
Ross from Hideout



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    Your Donuts remind me of golfing, they are a hole in one! 🍩🍩🍩🍩

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