No such thing, as too much of a good thing.

'What are you doing here?'

'A couple of things. Taking a break from my wife, forgetting my son's birthday and getting paid two million dollars to endorse coffee when I could be doing a play somewhere. The good news is the coffee works.'


And BOOM It's April. Time flies when you're living through yet another once in a generation crisis. Ive found the best way to deal about it is by oversharing on social media, listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and drinking so much coffee that my heart beat is keeping time with Aphex Twin.


So new in is an absolute BEAUT from El Salvador. Chocolatey, citrusy goodness that has me overindulging on the daily. At home I'm brewing it with a french press, in store we are brewing it on batch and you guys can brew it however you damn well please.

Available in store and online now for a limited time. Link is HERE.

With regard to films I'm recommending Lost in Translation. I recently, like a lot of people, managed to piss off from the country for a bit and had the joy of an 8 hour flight and insomnia. I found myself relating to Bill Murray on a far deeper level than I ever had by around the 5 hour mark of the flight. I'm not saying you need to take a holiday to enjoy the film though, but I'm not saying you shouldn't.


Tunes wise, the jet lag kicked my fat ass for a good few days so I found there were a few tracks I was coming back to. Playlist HERE.


See you all for a brew soon. 

R.I.P. Dot Cotton xx

Much Love

Ross from Hideout.

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