Passiflora, Colombia - Cast Iron Roasters

340g Bag


Flavour Profile: full-bodied and rich. Raspberry, brown sugar & caramel



  • From the Region of Tolima
  • Grown in altitude of 1,900-2,000 masl
  • Caturra, Colombia & Castillo varietals
  • Washed process 
  • Grown in Cedro Altro Co-operative


New Crop Washed Colombian is a beautiful replacement of long term favourite, Caturra de Altura.

Passiflora is certified Organic


Origin Notes: 

Planadas is the largest town south of Tolima, but is still isolated and lacking in infrastructure; a cause and result of the narcotics conflicts that have come to define this region. 35 farming families have banded together with developer/exporter/partner Cedro Alto to change that, to build on a culture of coffee growing curiosity, and to repurpose their incredibly rich ecological heritage.

Karl, who founded Cedro Alto with the aim of working with small coffee farmers who were growing very high-quality coffee but didn’t always have the ability to get that coffee to specialty roasters (and get a price that was congruent to the quality of the coffee they were producing), their coffee often ending up “blended in” to coffee from many other small and much larger producers, losing unique profiles along the way.

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